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Woodstock Academy


Boarding School Description

Woodstock Academy strives for success in its student body, from the classroom to their social lives. The rigorous curriculum provided there, combined with the freedom of course selection, ensures that students are excited about their academic careers and motivated to excel in all areas for a sense of self-pride and a sense of accomplishment.

Boarding School Information


Address: 57 Academy Road, Woodstock

State: Connecticut

Phone: 860-928-6575

Boarding School Duration: 1801

Boarding School Category: co-ed, non-denominational


50 acres


Woodstock Academy offers 16 interscholastic sports: baseball, basketball, cheering, cross country, football, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, track & field, volleyball, winter track, and wrestling. There are 7 extracurricular organizations and activities for students to participate in: Athlete Council, Future Business Leaders of America, International Club, Math Team, National Honor Society, Peer Helpers, and Student Council

What to expect

Woodstock Academy students can expect to be pushed to reach the highest peaks of their academic prowess. The matriculation rate stands at 98%, with 90% of all graduates attending schools of higher learning. The teacher to student ratio of 1:18 assures that students receive personal attention in all subjects and 18 Advanced Placement courses are available to prepare students for academics on the collegiate level. Woodstock Academy is ranked in the top 20 for boarding schools in community size, the percentage of faculty with advanced degrees, and school history as one of the oldest educational institutions in the United States.

Westminster School


Boarding School Slogan

“Virtute Et Numine” (“Grit and Grace”)

Boarding School Description

Westminster School has maintained a level of excellence through two centuries as one of the top boarding schools in the world. With a rewarding and rigorous academic curriculum, the school prepares its students for excellence at the collegiate level and beyond.

Boarding School Information


Address: 995 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury

State: Connecticut

Phone: 860-408-3060

Boarding School Duration: 1888

Boarding School Category: co-ed, non-denominational


200 acres


Westminster School offers 16 interscholastic sports: baseball, basketball, cross country, dance, diving, field hockey, football, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, squash, swimming, tennis, and track & field. There are a total of 42 extracurricular activities and organizations for student to participate in: Acapella Singing Groups, Amnesty International, Artists Club, Asian Awareness Association, Band, Black & Gold (admission tour guides), Chamber Choir, Chorale, Cook Nook Cooking Club, Dance Ensemble, Drama Club, Eco-Team, ,Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Focus Christian Fellowship, Gay-Straight Alliance (G.S.A.), Grameen Foundation Club, Harry Potter Club, Improv, Instrumental Music Groups, Jazz Band, Jewish Student organization, John Hay Society, Literary Magazine, Literary Society, Model United Nations, Multicultural Student Union, Outing Club, Political Union, Seniors As Sisters, Serving Our Neighbors (S.O.N.), Ski and Snowboard Club, Student Activities Committee, Student Activities Committee (S.A.C.), Student Government, Student Tutors, Techno Music Association, The Martlet (annual magazine), The Westminster News, Theater (acting) Theater (stagecraft), Ultimate Frisbee Club, and Yearbook

What to expect

Westminster School is ranked in the top 10 for schools of its size in the following categories: low teacher to student ratio, total financial endowment, selectivity, and number of Advanced Placement courses offered in their curriculum.

Salisbury School


Boarding School Slogan

“Esse quam videri” (“To be rather than to seem to be”)

Boarding School Description

Salisbury School is one of the oldest institutions in the United States that prepares young boys for a collegiate life. With exceptional academic curriculum offered with first-rate faculty, the school has excelled for over two centuries into turning young boys into successful and confident young men ready to take on the world.

Boarding School Information


Address: 251 Canaan Road, Salisbury

State: Connecticut

Phone: 860-435-5732

Boarding School Duration: 1810

Boarding School Category: all-boys, non-denominational


725 acres


Salisbury School offers 21 interscholastic sports: Alpine skiing, baseball, basketball, crew, cross country, cycling, football, freestyle skiing, golf, ice hockey, kayaking, lacrosse, mountain biking, paddle tennis, rock climbing, sailing, snowboarding, soccer, squash, tennis, and wrestling. There are also 26 extracurricular organizations available on campus for students to participate in: Acapella, Band, Christian Fellowship, Crop Walk, Dormitory Prefects, Dramatic Society, Film Making, Fly Fishing, Food Committee, Gospel Choir, Guitar, Honor Committee, Improv Group, Inventors Club, Jazz Band, Key Society, Math Club, Quiz Bowl, Radio Station, Science Club, Springs Softball League, Student Activities Committee, Student Council, Student Newspaper, Tour de Sol Club, and Vestry

What to expect

With over 200 years of education under its belt, Salisbury is one of the most prominent all-boys academies in the United States and the world. The academic and social environment surrounding the student body allows each boy to find success and thrive in a wholesome, nurturing environment.

Rumsey Hall School


Boarding School Slogan

“A Tradition of Effort, Family & Community”

Boarding School Description

Rumsey Hall School, which instructs students from kindergarten to grade 9, believes that the secret to success in each student is effort. Operating under this mantra, the faculty and staff there are on a mission to ensure that each student reaches their potential as an intellectual and vital contributor to their families and communities.

Boarding School Information


Address: 201 Romford Road, Washington Depot

State: Connecticut

Phone: 860-868-0535

Boarding School Duration: 1900

Boarding School Category: co-ed, non-denominational


147 acres


Rumsey School operates under an Effort List, which is a roster of those students who have come to class prepared to learn each day. If on this list, students are rewarded with special privileges.

What to expect

Students that matriculate at Rumsey Hall School can expect a rigorous academic cuirriculum as well as a host of sports, music, and fine arts programs to choose from. Additionally, the Rumsey Outdoor Adventure provides wildlife excursions that demonstrate the tools necessary to become leaders. With a low teacher to student ratio of 1:5, teachers at Rumsey Hall are able to provide as much attention to each child as is necessary to facilitate their learning experience. With over 20% of the student body comprised of international students, the atmosphere on campus is multicultural and multinational. In the past decade, Rumsey has sought to expand and renovate their facilities on campus.

Miss Porter’s School


Boarding School Slogan

“Puellae venerunt. Abíerunt mulieres. (“They come as girls. They leave as women.”)

Boarding School Description

Known as one of the perennial all-girls academies in the world, Miss Porter’s School has provided an idyllic learning experience for young girls since 1843. Located in Farmington, Connecticut, the school educates young women to not only succeed in the classroom, but also in everyday life, stressing community service. Girls that graduate from Miss Porter’s School are nurtured into intellectual women with the mission to change the world they live in.

Boarding School Information


Address: 60 Main Street, Farmington

State: Connecticut

Phone: 860-409-3530

Boarding School Duration: 1843

Boarding School Category: all-girls, non-denominational


50 acres


Miss Porter’s School offers 17 interscholastic sports: Alpine skiing, badminton, basketball, crew, cross country, equestrian, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, squash, swimming, tennis, track & field, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball. There are also 44 extracurricular programs available on campus for girls to participate in.

What to expect

Students that attend Miss Porter’s School receive a top-notch education, with the low teacher to student ratio of 1:7 ensuring that every girl receives the attention and nurturing necessary to succeed at some of the best colleges and universities in the world. They will also experience a multicultural, multinational school, as over 20% of the student body is comprised of women of color, and 14% of the students are classified as international students, hailing from 28 countries.

Top 10 Boarding Schools in Europe in 2012


There are plenty of boarding schools of quality all throughout Europe, but in 2012 the ranking of the top 10 schools was dominated, without any doubt, by the institutions from Switzerland. The following institutions have been the best throughout 2012, based on facts like student demand and student accomplishment. Unfortunately, these schools are known, aside from being the best schools in Europe and the world, as schools which also have some of the highest tuition fees in the world.

1. Le Rosey, Château de Rosey in Rolle, Switzerland

  • Tuition fee: 50,000 euros ($73,150) a year

Known around the entire world as the “school of kings” because of the high number of royals that attended this institution, it is widely recognized as the best and most expensive international school in the entire world. Among the amazing things that can be found here are 10 tennis courts, a Jacuzzi, a lakeside château on 28 acres and, of course, a sailing center. There are also countless saunas and steam rooms present all over the campus. It features a different campus for the winter period, in which students are moved from the beginning of January to the end of March.

2. Eton College, Windsor, England

  • 37,500 euros ($54,900) year

This school was founded in 1440 and it has become known as the emblem for the term “boarding school”. Even if, over the years, a lot of schools have changed their status as single sex schools, Eton remains accessible only for boys. There are more royals, celebrities, and politicians that have graduated from this institution than from any other in the entire world. Most of the graduates from this school continue their studies at Oxford and Cambridge.

3. College Alpin Beau Soleil, Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland

  • 48,000 euros ($70,220) a year

This school is located near Geneva, in the mountains that offer a great view on the Rhone Valley. Here students can make use of a digital recording studio, a performing arts center, and a riding center. The students, which are an average of eight per class, can also use a restaurant located on the private ski slopes.

4. Aiglon College, Chesieres, Switzerland

  • 43,200 euros ($63,200) a year

This school focusses primarily on outdoor activities, some of the most important being skiing and hiking. Their focus is favored by their location at 1,200 meters in the Swiss Alps.

5. St. George’s School, Clarens, Switzerland

  • 38,000 euros ($56,000) year

This institution is the first British boarding school that was established in Switzerland and it offers its students incredible views on the Lake Geneva and the Alps. All types of sports are encouraged by this institution.

6. Brillantmont International School, Lausanne, Switzerland

  • 40,000 euros ($58,500) a year

This institution is situated in the city of Lausanne and it has a great view of the Alps and Lake Geneva. The usual number of students per class is nine, and there are approximately 150 students present at this school.

7. Gstaad International School, Gstaad, Switzerland

  • 40,000 euros ($58,500) year

Probably the smallest boarding school in Switzerland, it is focused on outdoor activities like rock climbing, swimming, and skiing.

8. Leysin American School, Leysin, Switzerland

  • 39,200 euros ($57,350) year

The attending students will take part in mandatory cultural trips around the continent and they will be a part of the different programs focused on developing an entrepreneurial spirit.

9. Institut auf dem Rosenberg (Anglo-American Section), St. Gallen, Switzerland

  • 39,000 euros ($57,000) year

Having more than 100,000 square meters, the campus of this institution is located by the Lake Constance.

10. Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, Zuoz, Switzerland

  • 43,000 euros ($62,900) a year

This school can accept only 200 students, which are mostly from other countries, and it is mainly focused on all types of outdoor activities.

All these institutions were considered the best boarding schools in Europe during 2012, and they are usually the ones that form this ranking every year.

What Age is a Good Age for Boarding School?


There is a general consensus among scientists that the proper age to send your child away from home is over the age of eight. But this age is highly dependent on the child’s personality and on the parent’s behavior. This is why there is no age that is generally considered as the best age for sending a child to boarding school. All parents need to make this decision on their own, taking into account the personality of their child, the interests of that child, and the free time which the parents have to spend with their child. The last aspect has to be considered because sometimes, due to excessive work hours, parents tend to neglect their children, and in this situation it is best for them to be at a boarding school where they can be accompanied by other children their own age and assisted by experienced personnel, rather than to spend their time alone. Here are some of the positive aspects of sending your child away sooner rather than later.

The Younger the Better

One reason for sending your child as early as possible is because he will get a chance to fit in and adapt a lot easier if he is there right from the start, rather than joining the school after all the groups have been formed. He will also get used to the learning style and find it perfectly normal to be preoccupied only by studying, compared to a child that went to a public school where the challenges were minimal at best and when he gets to a boarding school at a later age in life, he will probably struggle with the schoolwork.

Discovering Talents

Probably the most important benefit for children that are attending a boarding school right from the start is the fact that their development, interests and aptitudes will be carefully analyzed by experienced professionals, which can guide the child towards something that he is both passionate about and which makes him happy. All children have certain inclinations and if they are discovered in time, it might lead to them having a better and easier life.

Some of the parents consider that 16+ is the proper age to send a child to a boarding school and away from home. To support the claims of these parents there are some very important notions that need to be considered.

Bullying and peer pressure

One of the most important issues that are raised against sending a child early at a boarding school involves the problems caused by bullying and peer pressure. Since a child of 8+ is usually far too young to have his own opinions and principles, he may be subjected to several things that are uncomfortable at best. This is why, the child should join when he is 16+ because at that age he has a mind of his own and he is not as easily influenced and bullied as before.

Social Skills Developed Late

Another very important issue of sending a child later for boarding school is if that child has social skills that are not yet developed. A child that can’t be sociable and make friends will be always alone, thinking continually about home and being miserable. This is why he should join later, when his social skills have properly developed and he can fit in.

The Differences between Boot Camps, Military Schools and Boarding Schools


All students, at one point in their lives, are faced with the difficult decision of choosing their path in life. This means that they have to choose one of the many schools available, which can be quite difficult if they are not well informed. These types of institutions have several things in common, among which you can find:

  • High quality academics
  • Great opportunities for the future
  • The chance to build some mutually beneficial friendships
  • On campus living for the duration of the classes

There are several main differences between boot camps, military schools and boarding schools, which will be mentioned as follows:

The focus of the program

One of the most important differences between these institutes is regarding the focus of the program. Some schools are interested in focusing on academics more than anything, while others help their students improve their relationships with God, and others develop a very powerful love for country. All these aspects differentiate each of these institutes and can help both students and their parents in choosing the right location. Boot camps are usually focused on something in particular, usually in helping troubled teens get over their serious problems in life. Military schools can improve the behavior of teens through strict rules and regulations, and boarding schools can help your teen reach their academic potential.

The strictness required

Some parents send their children to these institutes because they consider them out of control and require some help in handling them. For these parents, the specialized boot camps and military schools are recommended, because even if boarding schools are focused on discipline, they are unprepared to handle troubled youth. Military schools are able to handle undisciplined teenagers and make them submit to rules and regulations. Most behavior problems can be handled by enrolling your child in a military school. But if your teenager suffers from depression, drug use, or any other serious problem, then your only option is to send them to a specialized boot camp. There, he will be assisted by experienced professionals and surrounded by teens with similar issues, which will help him integrate a lot better.

The interests of the student

The aspects that must be kept in mind all the time are the interests of the student. Depending on the student’s needs, there are plenty of differences between these types of institutions to be seen. If your child is passionate about sports, then you might go for an institute that has a great sports program, or if he is interested in mathematics, you need to pick a location where all of the strong math students go. There are also certain locations that focus on the spiritual development of the child, by keeping religion in high regard.

There are plenty of differences that a parent can find between these institutions and the only thing that really matters is to understand the student and his needs. By managing these feats, you will find it very easy to observe the differences between schools and you will be able to make the correct decision regarding the school that is right for your child.

Top 10 Boarding Schools in the United States in 2012


When it comes to picking a great boarding school, students from the United States have a lot of choices available. Here are the 10 best boarding schools from the United States in 2012, which aside from offering high end facilities and great opportunities for the future, also have very expensive tuitions. They are classified based on the tuition prices, from the highest to the lowest, because it is very difficult to create a clear ranking based on the performances of their students, since all of these schools have distinguished graduates.

1. St. Albans School, Washington, D.C.

  • Tuition fee: $54,151
  • Number of students: 575

This is the most expensive school and probably the best boarding school in the United States. The best and the brightest students from all the corners of the world gather to learn.

2. Woodside Priory School, Portola Valley, California

Tuition fee: $53,925

  • Number of students: 371

This school has one period during each day, which is called the “H Block”, where all the students are focused on independent activities.

3. Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild, California

  • Tuition fee: $53,600
  • Number of students: 295

The beautiful surroundings of this location, which are San Jacinto Mountains, the most beautiful mountains of Southern California, will help to inspire the art students that are attending this location.

4. Dana Hall School, Wellesley, Massachusetts

  • Tuition fee: $53,211
  • Number of students: 475

Here students can find a lot of summer camps which they can join. One of these summer camps is focused on horse riding and another is focused on developing leadership in the attending people.

5. Salisbury School, Salisbury, Connecticut

  • Tuition fee: $53,015
  • Number of students: 305

The students attending this school will discover that the student center is filled with pool and Ping-Pong tables, countless big screen TVs, and a great snack bar.

6. Sandy Spring Friends School, Sandy Spring, Maryland

  • Tuition fee: $52,850
  • Number of students: 553

All the people attending this institution will learn about the production of sustainable food. The campus has a personal farm which provides fresh organic food for its attending students.

7. Purnell School, Pottersville, New Jersey

  • Tuition fee: $52,800
  • Number of students: 105

This is an all-girls school, and the meals that are served here have the option of being vegetarian and vegan, according to the student’s wishes.

8. Lawrence Academy, Groton, Massachusetts

  • Tuition fee: $52,790
  • Number of students: 399

This institution enlists its students in a lot of unusual activities for two weeks during March, where the teens attending have the possibility of going scuba diving, dog sledding or many other similar unusual activities.

9. The Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, New Jersey

  • Tuition fee: $52,705
  • Number of students: 819

The campus of this school is enormous, having more than 700 acres. Here students can benefit from an indoor ice hockey ring as well as a great nine-hole golf course.

10. Stevenson School, Pebble Beach, California

  • Tuition fee: $51,900
  • Number of students: 730

This school provides its students a lot of fun and entertaining activities, different from one season to another.

Options for Boarding School Scholarships


All students are interested in entering one of the top boarding schools in the world, to ensure their professional future. There are many reasons that determine students to join these schools, among which we can find:

  • The great opportunities offered in life
  • The chance to be surrounded by the best of their peers
  • The amazing opportunity to be taught by the best teachers in the world

But these top institutions have high tuition fees, which can’t be afforded by everyone. This is why the possibility to apply for boarding school scholarships has been given to students that meet certain requirements, be them academic or otherwise. These scholarships will cover either the full or just a part of the student’s tuition, helping him to receive the best education possible. Some of the options for boarding school scholarships are going to be presented as follows.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid comes to help families that need money for tuition, based not on exceptional academic results but based on need. The money is nonrefundable, but the family which requests this type of aid must prove that they actually deserve this help by describing their situation and their need. Probably the most important aspect that is considered in this type of program is regarding the total income of the family demanding financial aid.

Merit Scholarships

These are granted to people that have distinguished themselves either academically or through their physical aptitudes in sports. This type of financial help is nonrefundable, but it is extremely competitive and only the best of the best can access them.

Tuition Loan

These are loans that can be granted by some banks, financial institutions, or even schools, which require reimbursement over time. These loans are subject to an interest rate, but this rate is usually lower than the ones found on normal consumer loans. This financial instrument was made available for students that wish to have a great education but can’t afford it right now.

Financing Programs

These programs have been created to help families that can’t afford to pay the tuition costs all at once. They are not loans, because they have no interest rates. They are actually arrangements between the school and families in which the family can pay the tuition fee in several installments, at certain predetermined dates during the entire academic year. Even if there are no interest rates, some of these programs may have some enrollment fees attached. All information about these financing programs can be found at the financial aid office found in the school you are applying for.

Most of these tuitions are not cheap, and if students can’t afford them, they will need to find alternative means of payment. All the instruments that were mentioned above have the purpose of presenting the options that families have at their disposal, when it comes to paying the tuition of a boarding school. The opportunities that are offered by boarding schools to their students can’t be matched anywhere else and money should not stand in the way of someone’s academic development.