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Top 5 Resolutions for Troubled Teens in 2014

Many younger people take resolutions to better their lives extremely seriously. Of those teens, many of them have struggled in the past and realize how difficult it can be to come back after hitting bottom. One such group that may be taking positive changes seriously are troubled teens who are attending boarding school. These may be great resolutions for teens to consider to make their 2014 a great year!

  1. Make a Positive Contribution – Many boarding schools require that the teens in attendance positively contribute to the community and the campus in different ways. However, it is possible for teens to go beyond the requirements for volunteering by doing something they are passionate about. Some ideas might include holding a fundraiser or drive to raise money for people in need, or being a positive role model for a younger child in need.
  2. Get Healthy – Many teens take their health and well-being for granted, especially if they have succumbed to peer pressure and have gotten involved with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or other types of addictions. Learning to care for yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually is a great journey to begin undertaking in 2014. Consider starting with one small change and adding a new one every week or every month until you have attained many of your goals.
  3. Commit to Education – In today’s competitive academic and career marketplace, it is never to soon to start planning for the future. Considering that grades, extra-curricular activities, and community involvement make a huge difference in your post-secondary education years, now is the perfect time to buckle down and start putting forth maximum effort regarding your studies and grades.
  4. Re-connect with Family – Many students who are attending boarding school for prior issues have some bridges to mend with family. Although it is likely that some of the troubles you were involved with came from the friends you associated with at home, chances are that your family wants to love and support you and will do anything to help you. Now is the perfect time to reach out them and mend those broken relationships. This will make it much easier for you to return home over spring break and during summer break, which will be here before we know it.
  5. Save for the Future – Part of bridging into adulthood is learning how to manage money and develop a good work ethic. If your boarding school allows it, consider getting a local part-time job to contribute to the community, serve others, and save for your future. It is a good time to learn how to manage money and save for college, living on your own, or even a rainy day.