Are There Free Boarding Schools?

Many parents realize the benefits and advantages that boarding school can offer their child. They recognize the superior educational opportunities available to students, as well as the ability to foster a sense of independence and responsibility in the children who attend boarding school. At first glance, boarding school seems like an excellent educational option for their child.

Then, they realize how much it will cost. Suddenly, boarding school starts to lose its appeal.

The average cost of boarding school ranges between $18500 and $23000 a year. There are a few more affordable options that cost less than $10000 a year. There are also many boarding schools that charge more than $35000 a year in tuition and fees. The costs of sending a child to boarding school are staggering.

In today’s economy, when most two parent families are barely making ends meet, boarding school can be an unnecessary luxury. Unless a family is wealthy, it is difficult to make the tuition payments fit into the family budget. Many parents begin searching for more affordable options.

Free Boarding Schools

There are a handful of free boarding school options available to families these days. It takes some research to find one that is a viable option for your child. Some free boarding schools are available only to residents of a certain area. In most instances, your child will have to leave the state to attend a free boarding school, which will require that your family pays for the necessary transportation costs.

Generous Benefactors

Most parents and families wonder how a school can afford to operate without requiring that students and families pay any tuition. Most free boarding schools are funded by very generous and wealthy benefactors. These individuals believe in the spirit of public service and have donated millions of dollars to create and operate private boarding schools to serve the children of their community.

Other free boarding schools operate free of cost to the families that they serve thanks to the generosity of local charities or community organizations. Religious groups and churches also occasionally offer tuition-free private boarding school options to members of their religion, as well as the general public.

Parent Contributions

While some boarding schools offer free tuition to students, they are not entirely free to the families that send their children to the school. Most free boarding schools require that parents pay for their child’s room and board or meal plan. Some schools offer grant and funding for students whose families cannot afford even these modest obligations, so take a look to see what programs might be available at the school that you choose.

Some boarding schools advertise themselves as tuition free, but in reality parents are required to make modest tuition payments to the school. These tuition payments are often based on a family’s income and determined using a sliding scale. Again, depending on the school, financial aid and grants may be available to help families cover their portion of the school’s tuition.

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