Can Boarding School Students Take Pets to School?

One of the common questions that parents and teens ask when trying to enroll in boarding schools is, “Are pets allowed on campus?” The idea of being able to bring along their furry friends seems like the best way to really adapt to this newfound learning environment. Be that as it may, there are not many boarding schools that allow household pets on campus for various reasons. If you are a parent currently looking for schools that allow pets on campus, you might think that those campuses are few and far between.

No Pets On Campus

Boarding schools have hundreds of applicants each year looking to be a part of their learning experience. When students enroll in schools, it is their hope to be in an environment which they find safe and healthy for them to be in on a daily basis. As a result of promising to provide a healthy and safe environment for all students and staff, the idea of allowing pets on campus is a bit more complex to achieve for most boarding schools. Allowing pets on campus would mean that:

  • Students with pet allergies would have to be excluded from applying.
  • Students with pet fears would not be interested in such campuses.
  • Students may not have the necessary schedule to care for the pets while attending school.
  • Schools with have to have facilities and staff to care for the pets during the day.

Animals On Campus

While finding a school that will allow your child to bring their pet to boarding school with them might turn out to be a challenge, there are a lot of campuses that have animals on campus for your teen to enjoy. For students looking to go into a field of study dealing with animals, such as veterinarians or professional horseback riders, there are schools with equestrian options as well as animal farms on campus. Such schools strive to teach responsibility to students by allowing them to care for the animals on a regular basis.

It would be great if your teen could take the family pet along for the ride to attend school. Many parents feel that this would ease the transition and allow them to have a part of home with them at all times. However, if you cannot find a school that allows household pets to be on campus, consider allowing your child to enroll in a school that has animals on campus to study them. If your child suffers from behavioral problems, there are also therapeutic boarding schools that utilize animal therapy to help them overcome challenging situations.

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