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The Facts About Media and Violence

There is an ongoing debate about media violence and how it affects aggressive behavior in children and teens. The Television Violence Monitoring Project did some studies on the amount of violence present in American Television over the course of three years. Below are some of the findings:

  • More than half of the shows on television contain violence. Of that percentage, only 4% of them have a theme for antiviolence.
  • More than 40 percent of the characters who act out violently on television have qualities and features that would make children want to emulate them.
  • More than 40 percent of the violence on television involves humor.
  • Of the violence displayed on television, about 75% of the attackers do not receive immediate punishment for their actions.

The research shows that when violence is displayed, there are no real consequences for the actions. Not many of the shows display pain, and show unrealistic reactions.

Connecting the Dots from Violence on TV and Movies to Aggressive Behavior

There are now studies that will support that there is a connection between children being exposed to violent television and movies and aggressive behavior. In fact, research has shown that when children are allowed to watch violent acts play out on TV or the big screen, they will immediately respond in a more physical and verbal aggressive manner. While further research is needed, there are studies that show that those who are exposed to violence early on through television or movies are more likely to become aggressive or violent teenagers.

Aggressive Behavior and Violent Music Videos

Music can be a mood changer for adults. When you put on a song, the words then have meaning that can be acted out without even noticing it. Studies have shown that overly violent music videos can have an adverse affect on a young mind. Much like television, music videos do not do much to show violence as being a negative thing or that there are consequences for negative actions. As a result, children try to emulate their favorite musician and act out aggressively.

Video Games and Violence

While violent video games have not been studied as thoroughly as television, there are still some that support the idea that games can have an adverse affect on how children behave. Studies have shown that exposure to violent video games can have an affect on aggressive behavior and thinking.

There is so much that your child could be exposed to that could essentially cause them to act more aggressively than children who are not exposed. It is important to monitor what your children watch and play to ensure they understand the dangers of violence, consequences that come from it, and the difference between reality and fiction.

Conflict Resolution for Teens

All too often you hear about teen violence in schools and in communities. For most acts of violence, it starts off as a disagreement or misunderstanding on a small scale and later escalates into something much larger. Research has shown time and time again that more than 25% of teenagers have been in a physical fight in the course of a school year. While conflict and disagreements are a part of life, reacting violently is certainly not the way to resolve it. Below you will find important information on how to help teens work through disagreements without having to cause harm to themselves or others.

It is first important to understand what conflict resolution is. This is the method of learning constructive ways to get through disputes that don’t require violence or abuse. If your teen has trouble in school often, it might be worth finding a conflict resolution program for them to join.

What Methods are Taught for Resolving Conflict?

There are programs available to help teens who have trouble resolving conflict in a constructive manner. Some of the skills that are taught are as follows:

  • Getting participants to come up with ground rules that will help them work together
  • Listening skills are taught to help students both express how they are feeling and to learn to listen to other’s opinions without interruption
  • Finding things that participants all like and agree on
  • Brainstorming and problem solving techniques for finding the best solution to problems that may arise.
  • Negotiation skills to help students find common ground when they cannot agree
  • Coming to an agreement in which both parties can live with.

What Can You do to Better Resolve Conflict?

It can be rough sometimes to make the best decisions when you’re a teen. There are many ways that you can effectively resolve conflict. Below are some ideas:

  • Find out which conflict resolution methods work best from those listed above
  • If you are overly passionate about the conflict, speak with an adult about your feelings
  • Don’t carry dangerous weapons around as this could lead to violence
  • Avoid common areas for conflict
  • Walk away when provoked to act out irrationally
  • Don’t try to get even as this is never the right answer.

Conflict is a natural thing that will happen in school, at home, and even in the workplace as you get older. Learning the necessary tools to getting through conflicts effectively will help you navigate more effectively through life. If you feel that you can’t control your emotions and resolve conflict in a positive way, consult with someone you trust such as a guidance counselor or parent for help.

Besant Hill School – A Unique College Preparatory Curriculum

Location: 8585 Ojai Santa Paula Rd, P.O. Box 850, Ojai, CA 93023

Phone: 805-646-4343


School Overview

The Besant Hill School was founded back in 1946. It serves today as a boarding school which is nestled on 500 acres of private land. Currently, this boarding school serves students in grades 9 to 12 and has a maximum capacity of 100 students. The classes are small with a teacher to student ratio of 1:4.

Besant Hill School is known for offering the most vigorous college prep curriculum with a cornerstone of sustainability, creative expression, and divergent thinking. The goal of this boarding school is mainly to cultivate excellence in individual students. The learning environment is both small and intimate, and allows students to learn, fully explore, and express both their creative and intellectual abilities. The relationship between students and teachers is positive. The environment is safe and rural to avoid intrusions. Students can take over six advanced courses, engage in sports and extracurricular activities, and get college matriculation.

What to expect

In addition to making new friends in Besant Hill School, students are encouraged to pursue excellence and integrity. The community is non-competitive and builds respect, honesty, responsibility, and compassion. The boarding school has accreditations from WASC, TABS, CAIS, and NAIS.

Canyonville Christian Academy

Location: P.O. Box 1100, 250 East 1st Street, Canyonville, OR 97417

Phone: 541-839-8546


School Overview

Upholding the Christian ideals of your child is paramount. One way of doing this is by enrolling him or her in a Christian school. Canyonville Christian Academy is an international boarding school located in Oregon. The school was established in 1924. It offers day classes for local students and boarding facilities for students in grades 9 to 12. This is one of the oldest international boarding schools in the western United States. The ratio of students to teachers is 10:1.

In addition to offering classes for local and international students, Canyonville Christian Academy doubles as a college prep school and offers ESL curriculum. The graduates of this school have gone to prestigious universities and colleges across the globe. The Christian faculty places an emphasis on developing the character of students and enhancing the quality of their life. This is the ideal school if you do not want the values of your child being eroded.

What to expect

Once you enroll in Canyonville Christian Academy, you have the guarantee of enrolling in the best universities in the world. Additionally, as an international boarding school, you will have the chance of making new friends and gaining new and diverse skills.