Choosing A Boarding School

Top 5 Things to Consider When Searching for A Boarding School
Boarding schools can be a wonderful opportunity. Whether located here in the United States or overseas, there are many different options in all price ranges available. Therefore, it is important that parents create their own list of criteria that they will use when searching for the right boarding school for their child. Here are some suggestions that you will want to consider.




Quality of Staff
The first thing that you will want to ask each boarding school that you are considering is the quality of the staff hired to teach there. Look for teachers that are not only specialists in their subject matter, but those who also hold advanced degrees in education. The combination allows teachers to:
*Manage their classrooms
*Motivate students
*Utilize new learning situations
*Be leaders in developing new learning methods


Look for a school that has a strong history of networking. Many boarding schools request that their alumni return to help students get into the best colleges and obtain the best jobs after graduation. This network should be very tight where alumni are willing to tell parents about what a great place the boarding school is. In addition, when touring the school, make sure that you see students interacting with each other.




Serious about Achievement
A boarding school should motivate students to be serious about achievement. The school should regularly be participating in the top academic contests, and more than just participating, they should be winning. Motivated students are interested in taking on these challenges and spend many hours working to be sure that they are ready.




Rigorous Academics
Parents should examine the academics at any boarding house that they are thinking about letting their child attend. While the typical high school student reads one Shakespearean play during their high school years, it is normal for students at boarding schools to read four or five great plays. This better prepares the student to get into the top colleges in the nation and excel.



Extracurricular Activities
Most boarding schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities. While the first thing to go in most public schools is the extracurricular activities, opportunities for sports, arts, theater and many other things abound at most boarding schools. Look around and see which activities you feel that your child is most interested in doing.
There are many things that parents should consider when choosing the best boarding school for their child. When parents look at these five things, the top boarding schools can usually be quickly found. Look for a school with quality staff where teachers are encouraged to pursue advanced degrees in their area of specialization and in education. Look for a school with strong networking opportunities where graduates are interested in helping current students get ahead. Consider a school where students are encouraged to be serious about their studies, and where they will be academically challenged. Finally, look for a school that offers strong extracurricular activities.

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