Comparing Boarding Schools

Techniques for Comparing Boarding Schools

Deciding to allow your child to go to boarding school is a tough decision for both the parents and the child. Since your child is in their most informative years, it is essential that you select a school that will further develop their learning abilities. There are several different boarding schools; however, they all offer something different that makes them stand out. It is extremely important as a parent that you know your child’s likes, dislikes, talents, strengths, and weaknesses so that they can place them in a school that is appropriate for them to flourish. Below are a few techniques on comparing boarding schools:

Make a List of Preferences

This is a great way to determine what boarding schools your children should attend. By making a list of what you would prefer as the parent such as price, location, curriculum, activities, teachers, and more you can begin comparing schools that match up to your list.

Check School Websites

Another great technique for comparing boarding schools would be to search the Internet. You can find the school’s websites listed on popular search engines and begin to review them. Consider checkint out our boarding school reviews at Review sites looking for particular criteria such as:

*What unique things the school offers



* Parental Expectations

By comparing websites, you can determine which school had the best options.

Visit the Schools

Depending upon where you intend to send your child to boarding school, it might be a distance from your residence. Even still, it is a good idea for you and your child to pay a visit to the school to make sure that the environment is what you are looking for. Schedule a visit so that you can see how classes are run, what the school day is like, and much more. This will make both you and your child feel more informed about the decision you are making.

Ask Other Parents

No one would know better about the boarding school system than a parent who already has a child who attends. Choose three boarding schools that you are interested in and try to find students or parents that you can ask about their experiences. This is a great way to compare schools and will give you a hands-on account for what it would be like to attend.

Ask a Teacher or Guidance Counselor

While you may know your child back and front, when it comes to educating them both teachers and guidance counselors are trained to evaluate curriculum. Talk to them about sending your child to boarding school and get their opinions on which schools are the best. Depending on how many recommendations you are given, you can easily compare and determine the best choice for your child.

The decision is yours on where you are going to send your child for boarding school. By keeping your child informed along the way and using these techniques to compare boarding schools, you can make the process much easier to accomplish. After selecting a school, the last step is apply, have your child tested and await the good news!

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