Preparing For Power: America's Elite Boarding Schools


Book Author: Peter W. Cookson Jr.

Book Author’s Bio: Peter W. Cookson, Jr., is an expert in the fields of children and education. Dr. Cookson earned his PhD in Sociology of Education from New York University. His first job after graduation was as a caseworker for the New York City Department of Social Services. His career continued to include various teaching positions at universities across the country, as well as an extensive collection of written works, including Preparing for Power.

Year Published: 1987

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Preparing for Power: America’s Elite Boarding Schools is a comprehensive study on the ability of boarding schools to create powerful citizens. Dr. Cookson, a studied sociologist with a PhD from NYU, takes a scientific look at boarding schools and their ability to prepare students for a life full of power, success, and influence.

Book Review:

Preparing for Power is an interesting and easy to read account of the way that the elite leaders of America have received an education. The book is based on a study of 57 American boarding schools. The information is gathered in a balanced and methodical manner and provides a detailed description of the way that boarding school creates elite individuals who graduate with a sense of power, prestige, and privilege.

Book Reviewer’s Bio: Megan Selin is a freelance writer and literary enthusiast who resides in upstate New York with her husband and three children. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University at Albany and enjoys baking, yoga, and spending time outdoors.

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