Understanding the Difference between Boarding School and Military School


Parents and children need to clearly understand the differences between boarding schools and military schools. When a student has to make a choice between these two institutions, he must understand what benefits are provided in each of them and by knowing that, he can make an informed decision on the perfect schools for him. These institutions are usually the best schools in the world, and they are in a lot of aspects similar. Some of the most recognizable similar aspects are:

  • On campus living for the duration of the classes
  • The best teachers in the world
  • Top level learning
  • High end facilities
  • Developing lifelong mutually beneficial friendships

These positive aspects, combined with the unique opportunities that are given here, make these types of schools the best in the world. But students must understand that these schools are also very different, regardless of their similitudes. If they are properly understood and the choice is made accordingly, these differences will increase the student’s chances of excelling at school. Some of the most important differences are explained in the following paragraphs.

Considered Career

Probably the most important difference between these institutions is the fact that each of them prepares their students for certain future careers. The military schools are focused on preparing their students for a military career and the boarding schools prepare their students for all other careers. So before joining any of these institutions, the student must be aware of his interests and goals in life.

Required Rigorousness

Some of the teens that join military schools do it because their parents believe that they can benefit from the strictness found there. Even if all boarding schools have at their foundation a deep concern for discipline and order, they are far leaner than military schools which have the capacity of dealing with insubordinate and rebellious youths effectively.

Supported Principles

There are some teens that join a certain institution for the values that it imprints on its students. The best example of this aspect is how military schools imprint patriotism in all their students, right from the start. There are some boarding schools that are focused on preserving and increasing the connection of the attending children with God. These principles are known from the beginning and, depending on the child’s interests as well as the parents’ expectations, an informed choice should be made.

All the aspects that were mentioned above are the main differences between military and boarding schools, and they must be carefully considered when deciding on one. This moment in a teenager’s life might as well define his entire career and development as a person. Because of these issues, it is very important to take this decision as seriously as possible and to find the best fit for each and every child. All people have greatness inside of them, but only by taking the right path through life can this greatness be revealed. Otherwise it will remain hidden, keeping that person at a mediocre level at best.

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