What is TABS (The Association of Boarding Schools)?


The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) is an association that has gathered approximately 300 college-preparatory boarding schools from all around the world, and especially from the United States, and Canada.

The purpose of this association is to create a link between students and boarding schools and facilitate the flow of information that all families require when they are interested in a specific boarding school, while also supporting the necessities of the schools. This association has a website to facilitate its purpose, as well as other instruments like an annual magazine published by TABS. The staff of schools and their administrators will also benefit from several workshops organized by The Association of Boarding Schools.

The people that interested of interacting with The Association of Boarding Schools can do so by using one of the following methods.


All boarding schools can become members of The Association of Boarding Schools by sending their applications and, after a thorough investigation of the facilities offered and benefits provided for their students, they will be inducted as full members of TABS. There is also the possibility of applying for Associate Members, available for those who are not eligible for the normal Membership program, but are deeply involved with existing members of TABS, or are strong supporters of the development of education.

Corporate Sponsors

This association is widely supported by many sponsors all around the world, which facilitate their activity and help them reach their goals. The sponsors that have helped TABS in the past and present are mentioned on the website and they are also featured with short profiles.

Partners in Education

TABS has a list which includes all their boarding schools, and they are able to provide detailed information to all the families that are interested with one of more of those partner institutions. They also have many partners that work with them in pushing education forward and improving the manner in which students learn. TABS also presents some of their sister associations, which have similar goals as them.

Contact TABS

The Association of Boarding Schools can be contacted by all interested members that have any questions about their purpose, about any of their partner institutions or their available programs. They are extremely receptive to any suggestions and any comments on their activity. All suggestions will be read carefully and considered, and if they prove to be in accordance with the internal regulations of The Association of Boarding Schools, they will be implemented as soon as possible. All questions that are addressed to TABS are going to be addressed with the utmost efficiency and rapidity. Any reproaches that may exist towards the company will enter revision immediately and the conduct of the association or any members associated with it will be analyzed thoroughly, and a conclusion will be made. Nevertheless, the TABS personnel hope that no such occurrences will exist because they are prepared to handle efficiently all the concerns of anyone that interacts with them, directly or indirectly, before they get to escalate.

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